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FRONT RANGE ON HOLD PROS programs include a professionally produced custom message that is loaded onto your in-house messaging system. The messaging system is connected into the music on-hold port of your phone system.

Script Development
Working with you, we will help develop and create the direction of your message. Each message is customized to your business, ensuring creative impact for you and your callers.

Review and Approval
Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with our scriptwriting, voicing, and overall production.

Choice of Music and Voice
We offer professional male and female voice talent to represent your company in addition to music choices.
Our state-of-the-art recording studio is where we complete the final production. At FRONT RANGE ON HOLD PROS our production department will ensure quality, great sound, and fast turn around times.
• Choice of Male and/or Female Voices
• Music
• Sound effects
• Production mastered into digital file

FRONT RANGE ON HOLD PROS will install the messaging unit. Most installations include the following:
• Download of approved production to your message on-hold system
• Connection of device into music on-hold port of phone system
• On-site testing of message on-hold system
• End user training

FRONT RANGE ON HOLD PROS provides a 90-day warranty on the installation of your company’s unit and a three-year warranty on the equipment. During the warranty period, any issues related to equipment will be corrected at no charge.

Message Updates
Creation of new production ranging from 1 to 52 times a year means that we can design a program to suit your needs and budget. Let us know how we can help your business.
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