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What Do Your Customers Hear...
When You Put Them On-Hold?

Professional On-Hold Messaging

We can help you with custom packages priced from just $99*

On-Hold Messaging Solutions
Whether your business consists of a single office or multiple locations, Front Range On Hold Pros has the experience, resources, and expertise to develop a phone messaging solution for your company.

Whatever your company objectives, we can customize a message that projects the image you want for your business. We젣oordinate the information, voice, and music in a way that benefits your business every time a call is placed on-hold.

Message on-hold
What Do Your Customers hear on the other end of the phone?

Are you playing regular radio? Is the volume too low, or does the music fade in and out? A majority of your customers that call will be placed on-hold. Are they hearing silence?

When you place a customer on-hold, you have that customer൮divided attention. With Front Range On Hold Pros coordinating your program, you can be assured that each time your customers are placed on-hold, they will be impressed with your company୥ssage.

Message on-hold is a simple, efficient, and affordable way to communicate with and entertain your clients while they are waiting to talk to your business. Customized on-
hold programs inform callers about your products, services, and current promotions.

You already know the importance of taking care of customers in a timely manner좲 /> �y business callers placed on-hold, hang up ᮤ some of these callers don࣡ll back!
�y callers with silence on the other end will abandon their calls; most hang up within a minute.
鮤ustry studies show that callers with message on-hold will stay on the line longer.
衶ing messaging on-hold will reduce call hang ups.

Obviously, callers prefer listening to messaging or music over silence, it is perceived as a courtesy to customers wanting to do business with you.

We can help you!
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