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Our production people have been creating customized message on-hold programs since 1994. Our experience includes professional scriptwriting and audio mixing to create a custom message on-hold program that is unique to your business. Whatever the business, we have the experience to provide the message on-hold solution you need!

We know that different businesses have unique on-hold phone needs, and our custom on- hold messages are designed to drive your brand, concept, and image consistent with your company direction.

We can provide messaging for all kinds of companies including…
• Retail
• Hospitality
• Health and Fitness
• Hotels/Resorts/Casinos
• Restaurants & Night clubs
• Health Care & Medical Offices
• Corporate Offices & Facilities
• Education
• Entertainment & Theme Parks
• Home Service
• Automotive

Why an On-Hold System?
You have a captive audience – on the phone they will listen!
• Assures customers that they are connected and the call has not been dropped…
  There is no “dead air.”
• Have a positive impact on every customer you place on hold.

Better Serve Your Customers while capitalizing on the marketing opportunity.
• Reduces your caller’s perceived hold time while letting them know they have
  not been forgotten
• Decreases frustration and caller hang-ups

Inform and Educate your Customers
• Better informing current and new customers will lead to increased awareness
  and interest, resulting in increased sales.
• Direct customers to your website
• Answer commonly asked questions
• Tell about the benefits of dealing with your company
• Advertise current sales, events, and promotions
• Give directions to your location
• Enhances your company’s Image.

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